Amount owed:




Amount owed: min. 5000 and max. 1.000.000 GBP
Term : min 12 and max.180 Months
Monthly payment:


What can you do if your financial situation seems hopeless and is getting worse by the week? Rethink things and turn to Concadas, the Swiss financial service provider for exceptional solutions. We not only analyse our customers liquidity and financial leeway. Our offering ensures you can take advantage of a financial restructuring tailored to your situation as quickly as possible – we make agreements with creditors in the interest of our customers so you can get out of debt and rebuild your financial strength.


More efficient than a loan

Financial restructuring is not a loan to be freely used, but a settlement of debts from your own funds. Consequently, you will be able to reduce costs and liabilities, you can turn your creditors into solution partners with our help, and you can regain control over your budget in the medium-term. Unlike a financial product, the effectiveness of this approach reduces liabilities, delivering you financial freedom.


Advantages of Concadas

We think of the solution. A reorganised financial situation brings relief, extends financial leeway, and improves the standing of the customer. And it is proven effective in respect of new borrowing. Secure the competence and support of experts to receive a financial restructuring tailored to your needs. You will benefit in a sustainable and long-term way from individual advice and a tailor-made financial and repayment plan, while also gaining the liberty to keep off financial problems in the future.


Quick check

We look at your financial situation on an individual basis. Your enquiry will be processed without a credit check. Our consultants will then be in touch to explain the possibilities for efficient financial restructuring. 



Comprehensive financial solution

Financial restructuring from Concadas is designed as a comprehensive concept to encompass both the regulation of debts and to improve your financial situation in the long-term.


Guaranteed offer

We usually process every enquiry within one day. Even in the event of debt, debt collection, or a negative credit rating, you are guaranteed to receive an offer.